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Status updated: 9th Apr, 2014

68 likes already! Who likes us the most? You?

Status updated: 4th Apr, 2014

Some pages might don't work anymore because they are changed on our site.

Status updated: 4th Apr, 2014

omerta.pt is reset today! A little peace of quote: "This version we won't have major changes. Instead, we will work on improvment of current game state (related to bug fixes and tweaks). You will notice 50% of your unused lackeys credits from previous version on new accounts. As well, you will notice that activity is removed. "

Status updated: 31st Mar, 2014

Would you see changing our site, do it need some improvements, re-design orso?

Status updated: 27th Mar, 2014

Downtime of 5 mins all versions. #barafranca

Status updated: 27th Mar, 2014

.com & .nl are resetted.

Link posted on: 26th Mar, 2014

Omerta is starting a new round (v4.6)


Link posted on: 25th Mar, 2014

Omerta - Massive multiplayer online text-based RPG gangster and mafia game


Status updated: 24th Mar, 2014

Resets of 2 versions announced. .nl at wednesday 11OT and tomorrow .com 11OT

Status updated: 20th Mar, 2014

"Thats pretty much." on their own status.

Who We Are

Behind the scenes.

We're looking forward whats coming to the Omerta World. We are trying and helping new playing with different setups. Even those advanced rankers couldn't know everything and looks here for information. Everything started as an idea from 1 thing, changed into a whole website. All from 1 person, Called 'Tycho'.

What We Do

Changed from 1 thing to more

  • Giving recent and different bodyguard setups
  • Killingcharts and killing reports
  • Giving free different downloadable mIRC clients
  • Such more to find...

What People Are Saying

Those who like us.

  • "Aimless"

    i'd love it all
  • "void"

    Couldn't say better. It's unique and become slowly better.
  • "Desny"

    Everything is miraculous. I'll look forward.